Waiting on the Other Side
Beautiful Lace

50% Silk, 50% Merino

850 yards (777 meters) per 100 grams

$36 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of five skeins

There are times when the color and texture of yarn transport me to a place of wide open vulnerability, for within the strands and fibers lay lands and air and scent and people that I'll never encounter, yet their existence now influences and informs my own, carrying their hoofbeats, their breath and thoughts, their history and origin. The interconnectedness of all life surrounds me on all sides in every moment, but I don't always pay it attention. So I am appreciative that the art and craft I've chosen to spend the most time with has the power to remind me in such a silent yet powerful manner. The colors that emerged here are those of berries, jewels, and the circular stain on the tablecloth of a perfect glass of wine tipped in joy.

As it turns out, these skeins will pair beautifully with their counterpart We Are Birds Of A Feather. I see the possibility of a garter striped shawl, or wide bands of stockinette interspersed with lace.

This is one of our most versatile bases; a stunning blend of wool and silk. It makes an excellent warp for weaving; has crisp stitch definition in knitting and crochet, and is incredibly soft besides.

✲♡"*•.¸¸☼ ✲ 

I want to introduce everyone I meet to the versatility of lace. You don't have to knit lace to use laceweight yarn. Double it up to make fingering weight, or quadruple it to make DK. If you have a swift and ball winder, it's as easy as making the first cake single, then take the inside and outside ends and re-cake once or twice. Ta-da! You can also run a strand of lace with any other weight to make it more interesting and unique.

(yes, there is a tiny spider in that photo)