Sunset Over Halema'uma'u
Magical Sport

67% silk, 23% kid mohair, 10% nylon

346 yards (316 meters) per 100 grams

6-7 stitches per inch on US 3-5/3.25-3.75 mm

$44 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of FOUR skeins

Whilst on a private Big Island knitting retreat for the Solstice holidays, my companions and I went for a day adventure to Volcanos National Park. We just happened to catch an utterly epic sunset, seen through the smoke issuing from the active Halema'uma'u crater. The sun was the deepest, darkest magenta verging on violet, wildly saturated in comparison to the richly black lava we were encircled by. And the clouds! Picture every color except for the ones we're used to. Here in these skeins are the colors as I remember. There were only four dyed, but for one lucky knitter that's enough for a sweater if you're quick. A single skein can be turned into your own virtual volcanic scarf, hat, or small shawl.