Steal The Heavenly Darkness
Divine Lace

65% spun silk, 35% baby camel

838 yards (766 meters) per 100 grams

$48 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of five skeins

In an attempt to strike a perfect color balance in laceweight yarn - not too variegated, not too solid - I'm super pleased with this batch. And the range of blues, greys, and purples is truly just exquisite, highlighted by the silvery shine provided by the silk content.

This would knit up into a gorgeous shawl or scarf, and for those of you that still shy away from lace, have you tried running a strand of lace with a fingering weight yarn?

✲♡"*•.¸¸☼ ✲ 

I want to introduce everyone I meet to the versatility of lace. You don't have to knit lace to use laceweight yarn. Double it up to make fingering weight, or quadruple it to make DK. If you have a swift and ball winder, it's as easy as making the first cake single, then take the inside and outside ends and re-cake once or twice. Ta-da! You can also run a strand of lace with any other weight to make it more interesting and unique.