Staring Dreamily into Space
Extraordinary DK

65% Swiss Mountain silk, 35% linen

249 yards (228 meters) per 100 grams

5-6 stitches per inch on US 5-7/3.75-4.5 mm

.:. dyed in a batch of five skeins .:.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Scrub all that (a too long story unfeld), these were claimed by a very lovely customer as is, and took one last dip in the deep purple acid dye kettle, where they emerged the exact same shade as before, just darker. It is concluded that this yarn was preordained to be deep indigo, and that's just what they are.

UPDATE: I've pulled these skeins before they could be purchased. We're going to give it another go by over-dyeing with the rest of the pokeberry dye from last week and see what happens. It's a grand experiment, mixing acid and natural dyes and I hope to be able to present some truly amazing skeins.

This batch of yarn totally confounded me, as with the first five dips it was a stupendous melangé of inky violets, deep sapphires, and tealy blues. Exactly what I'd been envisioning, even better really. Then I decided to do one last glaze dip with a kohl/indigo, thinking this would take it over the moon. Yet what emerged was a completely homogeneous semi-solid denim. Where did all the purple go? And the teal? How in the world did this happen?

As with all things, it's a mystery to me, and once I let go of my expectations I saw that the color is really lovely and will knit or crochet or weave into something evocative. It just took a really strange way to get there. I hope you like them!


I love this base for its versatility and distinctive look. Linen in any form is one of my favorite fibers, second only to cotton, and linen blended with silk is a truly luxurious element.

I always recommend this yarn for totally apropos spring and summer tanks and tees, especially those designed by Åsa Söderman (ÅsaTricosa on Ravelry). Now that we're easing into autumn and winter, it will also pair beautifully with wools to make something perfect for the slightly chilly nights.