Rainbow Unicorn dance party
Glorious Cobweb

65% pure white cashmere, 35% silk

1130 yards (1033 meters) per 100 grams

$94 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of 5 skeins

So we moved. Again. And being an official card-carrying member of the Outer Fringe, Edge Dwellers, and Nomad communities, this was a mostly good thing. Except we picked up a cold on the way, which didn't leave us in a very graceful state to settle in and start to make. But we did it anyway. And as we stood over the steaming kettle eyeing the jars of potential, blowing our nose, feeling like death warmed over as my gramma would say, it was suddenly clear that there was only one way to go with it all...

Laughing, we stepped out onto the tightwire and began to twirl our way across the chasm, held only by that thin gold thread and our own sense of amused curiosity, for really, there's nothing else to do!

What to make with one of these skeins? Hands down I vote for an incredibly lacy shawl, using up every single inch to make it as large as possible, for it will appear almost colorless, yet when the light catches it you will see the prism of spiderwebs, swirls of abalone, and the radiance of sunbeams. Here's a Ravelry search of frothy confections that would be ideal. Send photos when you knit one, please!

This is the finest base we carry, created from pure white cashmere and mongolian silk, spun in a faerie-tale village in Switzerland. Once you knit or crochet with this, you'll be forever changed.