Queen Conch
Grace DK

50% silk, 50% superwash Merino

231 yards (211 meters) per 100 grams

5-6 stitches per inch on US 5-7/3.75-4.5 mm

$36 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of 5 skeins

When I set out to dye up this batch of yarn, there wasn't anything in mind as to what the final colorway would look like. So as is usual, I stood in front of the jars of dye and waited for them to speak. As the first tendrils of pale hue spiraled through the water, I was convinced that I'd need to do a lot of layering to bring up the saturation, and therefore was very surprised when these skeins declared themselves done quite quickly. But then, after they'd dried overnight, I saw the incredible pale apricot shading into shell pink and rich cream that is ubiquitous to the inner lip of the Queen Conch shells that are historically blown here in Hawaii. This colorway is deeply feminine, and would pair beautifully with all shades of neutrals as well as browns, charcoals, and black.The silk content of this yarn causes the color to shimmer, whilst both the silk and merino offer up one of the softest knitting experiences available.

As a side note, this is the second to last offering of Grace DK, as we're going to discontinue this base whilst keeping Grace Fingering, because we also have Beautiful DK, a truly lovely Silk/Merino base, in our lineup.

Queen Conch photo shamelessly stolen from the work of Mike Theiss. Please go here to check out his beautiful photograhy.