Private Knitting Lesson

There was a time when learning a craft or art was as easy as asking a grandmother or grandfather, or someone nearby, to 'teach us how.' I love knowing that in many parts of the world this still happens; time honored traditions are lovingly passed down father to son, mother to daughter, so on and so forth.

Over the years I've taught many a person to knit, and have always loved the connections made, the joy experienced, and the outstanding hand-made items produced. But there is more that goes on than meets the eye, and that is where the real magic happens. 

As with all ancient arts, these traditions and skills have a silent language, power, and potency that are mystically veiled, and only revealed over time. As they should be. All initiated knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners know whereof I speak. But in the everyday world, these things aren't spoken of; they unfold slowly through experience, until they've been woven into our skin and bones, and are simply known

Wistful for a bit of mystery to waft into your own life? Wanting to delve ever deeper into learning that which you thought was beyond your ken, or wishing to challenge yourself with the impossible? Book one or a series of private knitting sessions and we'll see what we can cook up between us!

Be prepared to extend yourself into new realms on many fronts. Yes, you'll be using needles and yarn to create something wonderful, but beyond that, you'll be tapping into shared ancestral wisdom and joy, that which cannot be taught, only willingly caught.

$50 per hour

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