giving a kiss to coincidence
Whimsical Lace

74% baby Suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk

328 yards (300 meters) per 50 grams

$24 per 50g skein - dyed in a batch of five skeins


This is our newest yarn base, so incredibly soft soft soft, and I'm utterly thrilled to be able to offer it, as well as can't wait to try it for myself! And whilst I asked around (kinda sorta) for your color suggestions for the first batch, since no one offered up any faves I chose my own.

Salmon, coral, and all the lovely shades of pinky orangey goodness that fall within those realms is what I could wear happily every day. The photos look a wee bit shocking to my eyes, so just trust that in real life, the colors are deeply saturated, but not garishly neon. Also, this is a lace weight yarn and will work well doubled to fingering weight, or run a single strand with a heavier weight solid for a lovely blend.