From Bean To Bar
Divine Lace

65% spun silk, 35% baby camel

838 yards (766 meters) per 100 grams

$44 per 100g skein

The Hawaiian climate is perfect for growing both coffee and chocolate, and so we have plenty of both. Here in the small town of Kailua we have two distinct chocolatiers, both producing amazing chocolate products from, well, bean to bar! When these skeins first emerged from the kettle, they looked like the finished product, ranging from Milk to Bittersweet, and so they were named. However, once dried, they called out for a wee bit more attention, and back in the kettle they went. When they emerged for the last time, the additional layers of richness and tiny flecks of color immediately brought to mind the cacao plant and pods, and the fresh beans before fermentation. Hence they are now know as From Bean To Bar, in delicious homage to our own Manoa Chocolate Company, and Madre Chocolate Company. Have a taste!