Sweet Mystery
Celestial Cobweb

70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere

1310 yards (1198 meters) per 100 grams

$40 per 100g skein

The colors in this yarn are all slightly over the edge of the loveliest neutrals, resulting in a magnificently layered shade that would work well with all greys, blacks, and creams. Dusky pink, rose, lilac, grape, and eggplant, steel, dove, and cloud, and myriad permutations that can't be named float through the skein.

This yarn would work so well with any Boo Knits shawl, heavily beaded if it pleases you. Some that I would recommend would be Voodoo, Wintersweet, Forever Yours, Peaseblossom, and my longtime favorite, Rainshine.

: : 

It happens, and we figure out a way to move as gracefully through it as possible. A very unfortunate event occurred, and all the lace weight yarns (at that time) were involved. Whilst it's truly too awful to recount, the consequence was very tangled yarn. Why couldn't it have happened to the aran weights? That wouldn't have caused a problem. Instead, all those fine strands of exquisite lace, intermingling. Alas. 

I waited a few weeks and then made a decision. Every single skein is being re-wound, and there are now some knots, 0 to 4 per skein, even whilst working as deliberately and tenderly as possible. Yet the yarn is still gorgeous and fabulous and worthy of great projects. Our loss is your potential gain, as all the affected skeins are now being offered at 30% off. Some have knots, some do not. All are beautiful. These are some of those skeins.