Echoes Through The Canyon
Beautiful Lace

50% spun silk, 50% Merino

850 yards (777 meters) per 100 grams

$22 per 100g skein

Back in 2008 I went on an epic road trip with a friend. Starting on the West Coast, 7 months later we made it to the East Coast. There are many tales from along the way, and incredibly beautiful places that were seen, and by far one of the most amazing was Havasu Falls. This is a place that is only reachable by hiking in, a 20 mile round trip that really shouldn't be rushed. At the end of the 10 mile hike is the most stunning and amazing set of waterfalls imaginable, with you at the top looking down. The hike takes you through an incredibly gorgeous, albeit hot and dry, canyon. Take plenty of water, and leave your knitting in the car. When you get back, you'll forget your aching feet and parched throat, and remember only the colors of the canyon walls and the waterfalls. Don't miss it!