Luscious Sock

100% superwash Merino

438 yards (400 meters) per 100 grams

7-8 stitches per inch on US 0-3/2.0-3.25 mm

$22 per 100g skein

Softly muted petal pink base with bright speckles of grass green, buttercup yellow, and robin's egg blue. 

*Photographer's note: If you noticed, and/or read the previous note, and were aware of the simply awful photos from before, you'll be happy to know that a kind friend, who is also a professional photographer, took a look at the camera and re-set it to a place where it is able to do it's job without interference from the well-meaning, but un-knowing unprofessional photographer who was responsible for messing all those settings up in the first place. Camera is now happy. Unprofessional photographer is also happy. Hopefully customers will be happy as well, having a much more realistic representation to judge by. All's well that ends well!