Daughters of the Spirits
Glorious Cobweb

65% cashmere, 35% silk

1130 yards (1033 meters) per 100 grams

$94 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of 5 skeins

There is a stillness, and an almost expectant hush, woven into the small sounds of a forest or wood. An emptiness of what might come crashing through at any moment; a startled deer, perhaps even a lumbering bear. Juniper and pine, oak and holly, the green of the needles and leaves share their pungent scent when brushed whilst walking, soothing my eyes, entreating me to walk even slower.

Contained in these threads are the soft grey green, dark hunter green, sage green, sun-dappled grass green, and evergreen of every stand of beautiful trees I've ever had the pleasure of walking through. I love them, and they love me back.

Fine lace, these are incredibly versatile skeins to add to your stash. Single they create diaphanous clouds of cozy shawls and scarves. Doubled they wind into luxurious socks for special occasions, or sweaters that dream on their own. Add a strand to another weight and color to make something uniquely your own.

This is our signature yarn. There is nothing in this world softer than cashmere and silk together. Treat yourself or a beloved friend to the most luxurious fiber experience possible.