Consumed By Fire
Opulence Lace

100% Pure Swiss Mountain Silk

810 yards (741 meters) per 100 grams

$42 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of 6 skeins; (4) 100gm, (1) 35gm, & (1) 30gm

In the continuing series of semi-solid colors, with this batch we find ourselves at the end of the color spectrum with red. When I started to envision what wanted to emerge, knowing that we'd just done a really deep blood red recently on Opulence Fingering, the shades of rose and blush appeared. What I love about the blends on these skeins is the maturity and sensuality of the pinks and corals, not quite deepening fully into pure ruby. I do admit to edging slightly over to the edge of scarlet, whilst staying far away from crimson, which would be tinged with blue. As with all the other colors in this recent semi-solid endeavor, these will pair well with both wildly speckled yarn, or cozy up nicely to those of it's own kind.

This batch contained 4 100gm skeins, and two rogues, one 35gm and one 30gm. The little guys are more solidly red, with less variation, and are listed on their own, priced accordingly. They are perfect if you want to try a small amount of pure silk lace, or just add a bit in to another project not needing a lot of yardage.