Cave of Swimmers
Glorious Cobweb

65% white cashmere, 35% silk

1130 yards (1033 meters) per 100 grams

$94 per 100g skein - dyed in a batch of 5 skeins

Do you remember what I said a few weeks ago? About the gloriousness of the Pennsylvanian summer? Well, now it's too hot. Ninety seven degrees that feels like one hundred and seven. But here in this yarn are all the cool grapes, lavenders, and purples of deep shade, long shadows during breezy nights, and wafts of the chill coming off stone and water in secret caverns.

These are pure violet hues, without any veering off into sapphire or ruby waters.

Alas, this is our last batch of Glorious Cobweb ever. Even though I personally love (LOVE!) the sumptuousness of the silky cashmere, and lace weight yarn in general, it doesn't appear to be the favorite of most of our customers. Yes, it's expensive, but oh so worth every penny for the glory of a project that will last a lifetime.

And don't worry, I don't mind if they don't sell, for it means I will still be able to dip in and choose a skein for special projects of my own. But I do hope that one day you decide to treat yourself too.