I was really blessed to work with Daien last year to create a ceremonial skirt for my shamanic training. What came from the work was something I could never have expected in a million years. The journey itself was indeed a journey. There were many steps and Daien was very clear with the process of beginning to create and weave a design together, which involved journeying and dreaming and walking, all of which are part of our shamanic path. Within that was the vision and the feel and the journey for the actual materials to be used, the design to be used—it was incredible—because it meant there was an invitation at each point for spirit to illuminate the way to move forward within each moment; there was a recognition and a reverence for the work, and indeed a very sacred and beautiful experience of birthing something that was one hundred percent unique to me. When I received my finished product, my skirt, it really is me. When I wear it there’s something quite magical and alchemical that happens. I become alive, the skirt becomes alive, it’s like a living entity almost. It’s definitely woven with alchemy, made with alchemy, and very much love. The attention to detail in every single step was exquisite. So Daien I bow to you, alchemical medicine woman that you are as a seamstress and a creatrix of really beautiful ceremonial wear; for the fact that I own one I am deeply indebted and deeply grateful for your visioning, your magic and your sewing capabilities which are far superior to many things that I have been witness to. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Sarah Bullock, MA Shamanic Dance Teacher :: May 2019


What a deeply magical and joyful unfolding of co-creation with Daien. I felt held, nurtured and guided in a transformational process that opened me to a multidimensional way of fabricating a unique piece of exquisite wearable art, that I feel blessed, excited and nourished to wrap myself in. All the energetic gifts gathered along the way continue to ripple through me in beautiful, expansive ways.

- Aimée Delphyne Lissantheia :: April 2019



Dear Daien - I received my Pahoehoe Elua yarn last week and I was elated with the results - the yarn was beyond perfection and exceeded my expectations. I knew that you would create something very special for me and I must say that it is stunning! Thank you so much for your vision for this yarn.

- Carole S :: March 2019


I opened my package of the Magical Sport and just stared! It is so-o-o beautiful!!! You really nailed this one! I will NOT be taking this on the road to work on - if anything happened to it I would be heart-broken. It will be an 'at home' project for sure! I am in Indigo heaven!! Thank you so much!!!

- Ann (2talltx on ravelry) :: March 2019


I think you are a great teacher.  You created a pattern for me that taught me so much, that has me loving knitting and yarn. At first I thought it was too much for me as a beginner, yet as all great coaches, you asked me to reach and stretch. Thank you.

- Mig Gaspar :: May 2018


Oh my gosh Daien.....I got my yarn in the mail today and all I can say is WOW. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.   I am so glad we decided to leave the color as is because it is PERFECTION. Nothing could have prepared me for seeing it in person. I am so in love with it! Also, this yarn is some of the shiniest, softest, prettiest yarn ever. I can't wait to get started, and wish my to-do list wasn't a mile long! Just wanted to let you know that it got to me safely and it SLAYS. Thank you so very much!

- Lindsey Faciane, The Chesapeake Needle (Lindseyfaciane on ravelry) :: April 2017

Oh my goodness, Daien ... your yarn arrived in my mailbox yesterday and is so amazingly gorgeous! I can hardly wait to start knitting with it. Thank you sooo much for dyeing it specially for my project. The photos just don't do it justice!

- Cheryl Chow (CascadeKnitter on ravelry) :: March 2017


Received my order of yarn and have just fallen in love with the colors; especially Sweet Comes the Dawn. I was expecting more blue tones and I am ever so pleased with the purple tones. It is gorgeous! Also love the soft greens of the Six Of One; it is so much more beautiful than I expected. You have a great gift with colors, so I hope you continue to dye wonderful yarn for a long time.

- Jane (mittenaddict on ravelry) :: January 2017

As you know my package of Magical Sport Marrakech has utterly gorgeous! It is all I can do to not stop what I am presently trying to finish, wind this up, and start working with it!

- Ann (2talltx on ravelry) :: November 2016

I have never knitted with cashmere/silk and got 2 skeins. It is the most luxurious yarn I have ever seen (or felt!). Worth the price and I cannot wait to use it.

- Sue Dunlevie :: November 2016


Oh my gosh!!! This yarn is amazing!!!! My only problem is finding a pattern worthy of it.

- Judy (jnanasb on ravelry) :: September 2016

Eternal Sock is TO DIE FOR, it's so gorgeous and squishy and perfect!!! I think I know why people buy indie yarn now.

- Jennifer (jennengelbrecht on ravelry) :: June 2016


I recently purchased a skein of Beautiful Lace in Barest Whisper of a Song. I’m just writing to say it’s one of the prettiest skeins of merino/silk lace I’ve ever seen. Nice work.

- Susan, Seattle, WA :: June 2016


The yarn has arrived and is totally and utterly gorgeous - Thank you!

- Bev (Boo-Knits on ravelry) :: April 2016

I received my second order of Beloved Yarn today ~ absolutely gorgeous lace weight! Beloved Yarn is wonderful!

- Penny (penny3 on ravelry) :: April 2016