I think you are a great teacher.  You created a pattern for me that taught me so much, that has me loving knitting and yarn. At first I thought it was too much for me as a beginner, yet as all great coaches, you asked me to reach and stretch. Thank you.

- Mig Gaspar


Oh my gosh Daien.....I got my yarn in the mail today and all I can say is WOW. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.   I am so glad we decided to leave the color as is because it is PERFECTION. Nothing could have prepared me for seeing it in person. I am so in love with it! Also, this yarn is some of the shiniest, softest, prettiest yarn ever. I can't wait to get started, and wish my to-do list wasn't a mile long! Just wanted to let you know that it got to me safely and it SLAYS. Thank you so very much!

-Lindsey Faciane, The Chesapeake Needle (Lindseyfaciane on ravelry)

Oh my goodness, Daien ... your yarn arrived in my mailbox yesterday and is so amazingly gorgeous! I can hardly wait to start knitting with it. Thank you sooo much for dyeing it specially for my project. The photos just don't do it justice!

- Cheryl Chow (CascadeKnitter on ravelry)


Received my order of yarn and have just fallen in love with the colors; especially Sweet Comes the Dawn. I was expecting more blue tones and I am ever so pleased with the purple tones. It is gorgeous! Also love the soft greens of the Six Of One; it is so much more beautiful than I expected. You have a great gift with colors, so I hope you continue to dye wonderful yarn for a long time.

- Jane (mittenaddict on ravelry)

As you know my package of Magical Sport Marrakech has utterly gorgeous! It is all I can do to not stop what I am presently trying to finish, wind this up, and start working with it!

- Ann (2talltx on ravelry)

I have never knitted with cashmere/silk and got 2 skeins. It is the most luxurious yarn I have ever seen (or felt!). Worth the price and I cannot wait to use it.

- Sue Dunlevie


Oh my gosh!!! This yarn is amazing!!!! My only problem is finding a pattern worthy of it.

- Judy (jnanasb on ravelry)

Eternal Sock is TO DIE FOR, it's so gorgeous and squishy and perfect!!! I think I know why people buy indie yarn now.

- Jennifer (jennengelbrecht on ravelry)


I recently purchased a skein of Beautiful Lace in Barest Whisper of a Song. I’m just writing to say it’s one of the prettiest skeins of merino/silk lace I’ve ever seen. Nice work.

- Susan, Seattle, WA


The yarn has arrived and is totally and utterly gorgeous - Thank you!

- Bev (Boo-Knits on ravelry)

I received my second order of Beloved Yarn today ~ absolutely gorgeous lace weight! Beloved Yarn is wonderful!

- Penny (penny3 on ravelry)

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