About Us

Beloved Yarn is about truly enjoying everyday luxury. Slowing down in ways that allow us to realize that every moment is a gift, and one that we can share with others through our passion for, and love of, beautiful hand work. I believe that if we’re going to take the time to transform string into wearable goods, using the finest materials available—dyed to the most exquisite and vibrant palette imaginable—is the only way to go. Therefore I have sourced our luxurious yarn from well established European mills, where the consistently high standards of quality include protecting the environment, the farmers and herders, and the very generous animals from whence all our fiber bounty flows.

About a third of our yarns come from a fabled family owned mill now in it’s fifth generation of operation. Located in a fairy tale Alpine village in Switzerland, the original mill was built in 1730, and although new buildings have been added over the years, the original commitment to produce the finest knitting yarns from the highest quality fibers continues to this day. Their 100% mulberry silk is still sourced from China, where silk production originated, with the other non-wool luxury fibers coming from various European countries. The premium white cashmere used in their blends is of the highest quality available.

We offer the finest wool available anywhere, Merino. All of our regular Merino comes from sheep owned by individual herders who live high in the Peruvian mountains, whilst our superwash Merino is sourced from Argentina and Uruguay from private farms of varying sizes. None of our Merino is from Australia, and is guaranteed mulesing free.

I use the finest professional acid dyes available that are fully exhausted in the dye bath. This ensures that no color goes down the drain to harm the plumbing or environment, plus
 your finished projects will retain their vibrant color and natural texture for years to come. My batches are small, usually 5-6 skeins, with each skein being akin to the others, but truly one-of-a-kind. For this reason I suggest that you purchase enough yarn to complete your project, as colorways are not currently repeated. I further suggest that you alternate skeins in a project in order to blend and nuance the different shades in each skein. Because of my dyeing methods, you'll be happy to know my variegated yarns do not pool. Although superwash yarns can be popped into the washer and dryer, for best results I always recommend hand-washing all finished items. Lastly, although I have done my best to offer color accurate photos, please keep in mind that every monitor displays color differently.