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About The Dyer

As with most things, there is a long and winding tale of how things came to be, and deciding to open Beloved Yarn is no exception. A fascination with twigs and leaves began in childhood, coupled with a curiosity that led me to explore the far reaches of gardens and fields, as well as the dusty cobwebbed corners of attics and basements, always looking for, and usually finding, unexpected treasures. Then one day I discovered an unfinished pair of argyle socks hidden in a box found tucked away in my grandparent's garage. From that moment on I was completely and utterly enchanted with knitting. The thin bone needles and gossamer yarn appeared as magical allies, inspiring a love of the craft that has deepened over the years, carrying into the present day. 

Being sensitive to the synthetic fibers and scratchy coarse wool of the local dime store eventually led to the wondrous discovery of truly luxurious natural yarns: merino, kid mohair, angora, baby camel, alpaca, silk, cashmere, and more, all softer than clouds and truly luscious against the skin! Later in life, learning to spin wool, cotton, and flax on a wheel led to learning to dye, and as friends began to buy my hand-dyed yarn and fiber, I was encouraged to start dyeing and selling yarn professionally.

Based on the island of Oahu, my workshop is located in a large covered breezeway. At present, all dye lots are small, usually only 5 to 6 skeins, with each ​batch being one-of-a-kind. Our water, which is used in the dyeing and rinsing processes, comes from rain that falls on the mountains and is filtered through miles of porous rock, and after being dyed and washed, the yarn is dried ​by the beautiful Pacific trade winds.

Using the finest acid dyes available ensures that your finished projects will retain their vibrant color and natural texture for years to come. Although superwash yarns can be popped into the washer and dryer, for best results I always recommend hand-washing all​ finished items. When there is time, some skeins are rewound after dyeing, but most are just-as-is out of the kettle, providing surprising color patterns when they're ultimately knit up.

Inspiration for the colors come from everywhere; the surrounding land, sky, and ocean, photographs ​I or others have taken ​from ​around the world, ​or ofttimes as I’m prepping, the muse of the dye pot sings, and I’m always happily surprised by what emerges. I absolutely love dyeing, and am delighted to be able to offer ​exquisite luxury yarn in luminous colors for your knitting, crocheting, or weaving pleasure.

Meditation, yoga, and playing with string are my three loves. Join me as you cuddle a skein of Beloved Yarn in your hands, close your eyes, and caress your face with the softness. Perhaps you’ll feel your own breath deepening joyfully as you bring yourself totally into the grace and pleasure of this very moment!